“I have known Ms. Pooja, Director Innove Intellect, as a junior in the college, as a colleague, friend and now as a teacher. But I must say that she best fits in the role of a teacher. As a well established and qualified patent agent with more than 10 years of experience in her field, she imparts her skills and expertise in the best possible way to her students.
Her patent classes make understand patent basics to a person who is novice to patenting like me.
Her dedication towards work is visible in her teaching.
As a teacher she inspires, motivates and listens to you and gives you the best possible solution to your problems. Her course work is well managed and executed. Her online evening Skype classes are very convenient for students busy in their day schedule. Her teaching abilities reflect in the 100% result she achieved in 2018 patent agent exam results.
I have strong recommendation for Ms. Pooja as a teacher and her team at Innove Intellect for patent agent classes. I am very thankful to her and wish her good luck for all her future endeavours.”

Sakshi Gupta

“Being from life sciences research background and having zero knowledge of patent laws and drafting, joining Pooja Mam’s coaching sessions not only helped me to build a quick platform for exam preparation but also helped me attain expertise on patent agent exam concepts. Thanks to Pooja Mam and her coaching methodology, I was able to clear the exam with flying colors. I would highly recommend Pooja Mam’s classes to anyone who aspires to clear the patent agent exam.”


“The credit of my success in clearing the Indian patent Agent Exam 2018 clearly goes to the team of SMARTIP Academy. Pooja Ma’am and somya Ma’am have been very helpful throughout. They were always there to clarify any doubts that sprung in our minds whether during the session or even after the classes were over.  Their focused approach, teaching methodology and the course material, all helped me immensely.The study materials was very good and in a simple understandable language as after studying them, I did not need to read Patents Act. . Thank you SMART IP Academy for the patent agent exam preparation!”